Hojosen Co. Ltd.

Japan based marketing consulting firm

Enable Successful Japan Market Entry through Translating Your Competitive Edge

“Hojosen” means “Auxiliary line” in English, which helps solve a plane geometry problem.
We will be the auxiliary line to demonstrate positive proof of your marketing plans.

Our Service

  1. Market research, consumer research
  2. Competitive environment assessment
  3. Advisory service for Japan market entry

Our Expertise

  • Japanese consumer and market understanding
  • Qualitative and quantitative analyses and syntheses
  • Identification of the rules of game

5 reasons to choose us

Global experience

Experiences with global companies and many successful projects in collaboration with world-largest companies

Theoretical approach

We value academic theory and generalisation of learnings so as to make continuous and minimum-variance impacts on your marketing

Simple and Essential

We are seriously committed to “simple and essential”; we never keep up appearances by presenting a bulky report.

Honesty & Integrity

We provide all our clients need, which includes negative information; honesty and integrity is the most important value to us.

High Repeat

With above, over 90% of our users are repeat clients.


Japan Market Overview and Trend Analysis

This identifies:
Japanese consumer segmentation and size of prize
Key insights of each consumer segment
Recent trend of the category needs
Positioning map of key companies/brands and future perspective




Takayuki TAKAHASHI has his master’s degree in politics at Graduate School of Social Science University of Glasgow, UK. Prior to Hojosen, his career as a consultant and an analyst has been developed at Accenture, a domestic think-tank, Procter & Gamble and a domestic turnaround firm. He has more than 15 years of experiences in marketing, consumer research and data-analytics. Counting on his outstanding capabilities, not a few of former colleagues have asked for his support in marketing, consumer/market understanding and analyses. He is also qualified as an educator and worked as a part-time lecturer at Osaka Gakuin University, Japan, in 2018-2019.


Case Lead

Rie ADACHI has her master’s degree in engineering science at Osaka University Graduate School of Engineering Science. Prior to joining Hojosen, her career as a researcher has been developed at Japanese domestic company. She has expertises in marketing science by leading a number of projects with both global and Japanese companies.

Previous career: Domestic Electric Appliance Company

Sachiko KANASE


Sachiko KANASE has her master’s degree in agriculture at Hokkaido University Graduate School of Agriculture. Prior to joining Hojosen, she had a strong career at one of the biggest Japanese speciality retailers as a manager of a store. She was responsible for NOS growth and organisation building. At Hojosen, she extractes the issues in the initial stage, and contribute to our clients’ business.

Previous career: domestic speciality retailer of private label products

Kenichi MAKINO


Kenichi MAKINO has his doctor’s degree in pharmaceutical science at Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, The University of Tokyo. Prior to joining Hojosen, his career as a postdoctoral researcher has been developed at Japanese University. He has expertises in neuroscience and data analyzation by leading a number of projects with both global and Japanese researchers.

Previous career: Domestic University



Ryota OZAWA has his bachelor’s degree in ethics at Kyoto University. Prior to joining Hojosen, he had a strong career at one of the fast-growing retailers as a recruiter and a store manager. He was responsible for hiring of new graduates and maximising store profitability. At Hojosen, he takes advantage of his expertises in the retailer environment for various projects in addition to his analytical contribution.

Previous career: domestic drugstore

About Hojosen

Company Name
Hojosen Co. Ltd.
5F Fujishin Bldg, 4-4-18 Kitanagasa-dori, Chuo-ku, Kobe, Japan 650-0012
Tokyo Office
602 Ouchi Bldg, 1-19-10 Miyamachi, Fuchu, Tokyo, Japan 183-0023
Takayuki Takahashi
3,000,000 JPY
Fiscal year
1st Oct – 30th Sep


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